GDLOFT prioritizes fostering growth in and inspiring the next generation of designers.

GDLOFT’s Founder and Creative Director Allan Espiritu regularly gives lectures for both practicing and up-incoming designers as well as any audience open to a new perspective.

As tenured professor and head of the Graphic Design department at Rutgers University-Camden, Espiritu specializes in developing students that are as savvy visually as they are conceptually, no matter their concentration or career aspirations. With lectures that are often known to derive their titles from pop lyrics, Allan has been invited to speak at AIGA’s national conferences, neighborhood gallery spaces, and universities both locally and internationally. He also welcomes student groups to inquire about studio tours and in-house mini lectures.

Previous lecture locations include: Seoul, Korea; Auckland, New Zealand; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Kagoshima, Japan; Philadelphia, PA; Newark, DE; Newark, NJ; New Brunswick, NJ; New York, NY; Camden, NJ


Studio lecture at GDLOFT, Philadelphia, PA

Kagoshima, Japan

DaVinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

AIGA “Forward” Leadership National Convention, Philadelphia, PA