AIGA Philadelphia Design Awards Catalog

AIGA Philadelphia

Exhibition Catalog: 6” x 9”, 576 pages



Nominee, Cooper Hewitt Peoples Choice Awards 2009; Coupe Magazine (Canadian Publication) 2009 Design Awards Annual; Communication Arts 2009 Design Awards Annual

This project is featured in the book Regular Graphic Design Today (Gestalten, 2009).


GDLOFT/Allan Espiritu designed this catalog for the 2008 Philadelphia Design Awards, which were sponsored by the city’s AIGA chapter.  The inspiration for the project derives from the phenomenon of book sculptures.

GDLOFT/Epsiritu used a variable printing program to shade each cover a slightly different color, according to the progression of the ROYGBIV color spectrum.  Each catalog, then, is unique.  When stacked, the books’ spines depict the ROYGBIV spectrum seamlessly.  This unified effect elicits the essence of a book sculpture.

The final print-run of the catalogs included the exact number of the projects submitted in the design competition (five hundred seventy-six total submissions), implying acknowledgement of all of the competition’s participating artists.