40th Anniversary Identity
Logo Restructuring

The Clay Studio

Identity, Course Catalog, Postcards


GDLOFT designed this identity for The Clay Studio’s 40th anniversary. We established visual guidelines to reinforce brand recognition, and to provide an in-house designer at the studio with a system of standard identity features that he or she could use in varying yet cohesive ways.


The modular system that we developed for the studio’s differing logos allows for a number of arrangement options. The sizing system that we developed provides a sense of uniformity among all the studio’s print materials. These print material size proportions accord with the original logo sizes and may be adjusted as the logo sizes are adjusted. The color palette that we developed provides a similar sense of cohesion. These visual parameters enable creativity and ensure harmony.


Designed items include brochures, banners, postcards, digital templates, and more. Photography provided by The Clay Studio.