No Idea Is Too Ridiculous

PEW Institute: Heritage Philadelphia Program

Compiled Booklets, 10″ x 12.25″


For its 2011 program No Idea Too Ridiculous, The Pew Institute selected museum organizations each to develop a project on a $1000 budget. Central to the program was the idea that creative practice requires a consciousness of real and imagined constraints. The program’s fixed budget stimulated creativity among the constituents, compelling them to take risks, and allowing them to learn from one another.

GDLOFT designed this catalog to reflect the diverse yet integrated nature of the program. The catalog consists of eight booklets, each conceptually representing one of the individual organizations’ projects. The booklets, which are saddle stitched together, converge to form a cohesive experience. The structure of the catalog reflects this design; the booklets function as standalone units or when combined. Their joined form is staggered to add complexity to the production. We hand-aligned and stapled all three thousand catalogs.